Tips for Attorneys to Keep Blogging

Adrian Dayton, an attorney who helps other attorneys with online marketing, writes in this article about the difficulty for attorneys to blog.  As extremely busy professionals, they put their clients interests first – that’s what they should do but that means that their blogs often become stale and dusty which defeats the whole purpose.

Keep a calendar

Mr. Dayton mentions the importance of having a calendar with which I agree.  And if attorneys are blogging on the WordPress platform, there is a calendar plug-in available for free that integrates the calendar into the blog so that you can create a pipeline of blog posts and schedule them out into the future.

What is the minimum number of posts a month?

I get this question a lot.   I would argue that if you schedule one blog posts a month for a year, that’s better than writing five posts in the first week, two in the second week, none for the rest of the month and then writing five more posts spread out sporadically over the rest of year.  Readers will give up on you if they have no idea when or worse, IF you will blog again.   If you can post a blog entry at least once a week, that’s even better.  I blog daily and while that is more than an attorney who isn’t promoting blogging can manage, it does make me highly visible on Google results.


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