Attorneys Beware – Internet Ad Advice

Before the Internet, journalism, even trade journalism had standards. Now that’s disappeared and people write articles merely for the value of SEO (search engine optimization) hoping that Google will gooble up their keyword studded text.  Unfortunately, this does work. For example, here is an article professing to provide education on attorney advertising.

Top Five Problems with the Article:

1.  It doesn’t even mention that lawyers have to advertise within the framework of state bar association regulations.

2.  It is a cut and paste job from an article about doctor’s advertising on the web – witness the final sentence which reads: “Each and every doctor has seen 100% action with Lawyer Marketing.”

3.  One of its top methods is for attorneys to keeping “your personality alive.”  Whatever that means.

4.  There is nothing in the article that suggests any understanding of the attorney market.

5.  It is poorly written.  “This is the reason this article is of excellent benefit to you being a lawyer who is ready to venture into marketing domination.”

No respectable outlet would ever publish this and while attorneys are literate people who generally understand journalistic standards, they are also often eager, even desperate, for business and might read this article appearing in their gmail account without guile.  Don’t.

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