Professionals & Social Media

Here are a couple stories about non-attorney professionals and social networking.  Both point out that social networking is becoming a mainstream marketing tool but that all professionals need to proceed with caution.

The article on doctors suggests they focus on creating a Facebook group promoting patient education and informing them about new services.  The article also warns about issues of professionalism and privacy.  Though nothing specifically about advertising.  Do doctors not have rules restricting advertising?

The article on accountants suggest they have moved along way on social networking – 60% have engaged in social networking and more than 40% have written policies.  Unlike doctors, they have flocked to LinkedIn – more than 75% have LinkedIn profiles.

What can Lawyers Learn from Other Professionals?

  • Focus on your audience in choosing the appropriate social networking outlet
  • Don’t hide your head in sand – learn to use social networking in a thoughtful commonsense approach

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