Lawyer Website – Publish or Perish?

Here is an ABA article that supports the contention of DSD Law Sites Solutions that lawyers need to look at their websites as publishing engines not as static brochures.  Dion and Robert Algeri in their “Great Jakes Blog” provide a number of compelling reasons for this shift. Chief among them is that content creates engagement between lawyer and client.  They cite a study by The Brand Research Company that 53% of executives look at the quality of the content on an attorney’s or law firm’s website.

Another powerful reason

If you create a blog for your content and post your content on WordPress, you can easily track through Google analytics topics of the greatest interest to your audience.  This is because WordPress will modify the title of your blog post to create a URL for your post. If you have set up Google analytics (which is free) on your blog or website with a blog you will be able to track which titles are the most popular. This will help you to craft more content that further develops the topics that have already proven popular and will tighten the relationship between your audience and your website/blog.

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