For Lawyers – LinkedIn vs. Facebook

I spoke to lawyers about social networking multiple times in 2010 and only once did an attorney say he favored Facebook over LinkedIn for business development.  He was a  solo practitioner civil litigator who didn’t have a website which means people who might have contacted him via his website instead did so through his Facebook profile.

I value this comment by Dan Schultz who presented as part of a social networking for attorneys panel and found that most attorneys didn’t find much value in Facebook.  I also know that as an active social networker, Dana has received significant business from his efforts.


I have gotten speaking engagements and clients from LinkedIn.  It supports lawyers with their Q&As which are heavily used by attorneys and is a great resource for legal information.  Also LinkedIn’s repository of legal publications courtesy of JD Supra means that they are uniquely valuable to lawyers.  If you haven’t done much on LinkedIn lately, review your profile and read theses 26 tips from Social Media Examiner on enhancing your use of LinkedIn.

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