Law Firms: No Twitter Better than Bad Twitter

This is according a recent survey of UK law firms which of course includes some U.S. counterparts like DLA Piper.  According to the survey, 66% of the top 50 UK firms had set up Twitter accounts but of those that had set them up, 19 hadn’t tweeted once.  The survey by Intendance states that,

‘The report said the figures suggested that ‘many firms have simply jumped on the social media bandwagon without putting much thought into how to use Twitter to their advantage. By neglecting potential followers, those with dormant accounts could even be damaging their brand’.

I’m pretty sure a similar result would occur it were U.S. firms.  The key is to look at social networking as a strategic investment – if not in dollars then in time and also brand creditability.   If you click on a well-known law firm’s Twitter account and see zero tweets, you are going to wonder if they have their act together.

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2 Responses to “Law Firms: No Twitter Better than Bad Twitter”

  1. Ellen Ross Says:

    It’s an interesting point. A dormant account at least keeps someone else from using the name. Does an absence of tweets signify a lawyer who is too busy to tweet or one who is too negligent? While I would vote for “too busy,” I am not objective on that issue.

    • Randy Wilson Says:

      Thanks for the comment Ellen. One thought is if you have a dormant account don’t make it public. I advise the same approach with blogs that aren’t updated after a couple months – its time for a gut check and if you are too busy, make it private until you can start posting again.

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