Social Media Policies & the 1st Amendment

I read this article about Southold New York’s desire to control what its employees say about their employer outside of working hours, thinking, why is nothing being said about censorship and infringing 1st Amendment rights?

Citizens First?

Presumably some of the employees of the town are also residents. What if the the Southold City Council decided to restrict what citizens of the town could say about the place where they live?  The other irony is that the council member who made the suggestion about having such a restriction, also stated that, “Private companies have policies that restrict what you say publicly about your employer.” He probably doesn’t know even with private employers such policies are under fire for 1st amendment infringements.

Why the 1st Amendment Issue is Getting Missed?

Several things are leading to this obvious issue getting ignored by employers.  Ignorance of social media, fear of social media and the unrealistic expectation that it’s use can be controlled by employers.


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