Attorneys: Follow Taco Bell’s Quick Response

Taco Bell recently got hit with a class action lawsuit that claims the company is using “non-beef” substances.  Rather than sit back and take it, the company has gone social – posting a Youtube video and respond on Twitter and Facebook as well.

What an Attorney Should Do if Hit by Bad Press via social media:

  • Respond quickly and truthfully.  If the complaint has any validity own up to it and explain how you corrected the situation are moving on.
  • If its completely false, report the comment as abusive to any website provider who made the comment available.
  • Invite questions and additional comments.  Make sure you are the one who is above board, accessible and ethical.

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One Response to “Attorneys: Follow Taco Bell’s Quick Response”

  1. travelingmad Says:

    Wow Taco Bell. Way to stand up for yourself!

    On the other hand, I’m sad. I really like Taco Bell. Guess I’ll just stick to the chicken products!

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