Replace “Strategic” with “Use Case”

When I work with clients and prospects I always start from the top – what do you want your website to do.  Sometimes I get conflicting information.  The first thing an attorney sometimes says is, “I want people to contact me for legal services from my website.”  However, later on in the discussion, they tell me that the leads they get from their website are mostly garbage and that it takes too much effort to wade through them.

Qualifying Website

This is a website that helps successful attorneys obtain better leads and better referrals.  Many solo practitioners who have been in business for a number of years rely mostly on referrals however, if their website also attracted strong leads, they would be happy.  A “qualifying website” focuses on giving referral candidates and interested website visitors enough of the right information about the attorney(s) to call him or her.  That call should be warm – the potential client should be prepared to pay the attorney’s going rate and understand the basic types of service they should expect.

Why a “Use Case” is Important

Seth Godin blog has a good post about this topic today, using the example of an architect providing a client with blueprints before they have even sat down and talked about what the client wants.  That’s why at DSD Law Site Solutions, we start our conversation with attorneys shaping the “use case” for their website visitors and that may mean driving some visitors – those not appropriate for the attorney’s legal services – away from the website.

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