LinkedIn Announces New Account Settings

LinkedIn announced on its blog improvements to its account settings and I’m disappointed.  On February 28th, I will be presenting on LinkedIn for lawyers and I was hoping to point to account setting changes that would make LinkedIn more useful to attorneys.

  • Custom connection settings: lawyers would benefit from being able to accept connections from clients but not have those viewable by their network. Right now it all or nothing – either connections can see all your connections or see none of them.  You may want your connections to see your referral sources but not your clients but right now, that’s not possible.
  • Recommendations: many states require California attorneys who receive testimonials from clients to include language that makes it clear that a testimonial is not predictive of how a prospective client would fare with this attorney.  A setting allowing attorneys to insert this disclaimer language into a testimonial, would make it easier for attorneys to promote recommendations.
  • Specialties: for attorneys in most states this word means that they have received certification in a specific practice area from their state bar.  Many states have rules that prohibit attorneys from claiming a “specialty” if they haven’t received certification.  It would be great if there was a setting to change that label or to provide options – “focus areas” perhaps?

LinkedIn is the most popular social networking website for attorneys. If LinkedIn want to preserve its ranking, it should think about tweaks to its interface to help out the legal profession.

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