Big Firms: We Want Our Own Professional Rules

One of the challenges for large firms that cross state borders is how they comply with state bar rules that impact their web presence. Obviously, these firms can’t have a website or Facebook page for each state that complies with that state’s specific rules on how attorneys can present themselves online.  Should law firms then make sure that they are complying with the strictest rules in the United States?

Rules Applying to Firms with Sophisticated Clients

This proposal is more concerned with lawyer mobility and conflicts of interests regulated by the various 50 states and D.C.  However, their proposal is to create a single “clearinghouse” that would create a uniform set of regulations to facilitate the practice of law across jurisdictions.

Snowball’s Chance?

This article suggests the difficulty such a proposal faces.  Consider this: most of the attorneys in the ABA policy making body come from small firms who might see this proposal as providing special treatment for the large firms.  Ouch.

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