Bar Associations – Helpful for Attorneys?

Here is a useful post from the Solo Practice University about the value of Bar Associations.  The author does a good job of looking at all the ways that Bar Associations are helpful – from free resources for legal research, setting up your practice, figuring out where to practice and the like.

What about Local Bar Associations?

She doesn’t address county bar associations in this post but I would suggest that they are where attorneys can really get lots of value. They provide plenty of room to get involved, connect with other attorneys, write articles and give presentations. I belong to a couple of top-notch county bar associations – Alameda County Bar Association and the Contra Costa County Bar Association.  They provide individual attention to assist their member attorneys to get as much as they can out of the bar association experience.

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3 Responses to “Bar Associations – Helpful for Attorneys?”

  1. Nicole Feied Says:

    I was told that you’re “not supposed to” belong to two different county bar associations…guess that’s not true?

    • Randy Wilson Says:

      Based on some assumption of exclusivity of where you practice law? I would be interested in hearing about this lawyer “urban legend.”

  2. Nicole Feied Says:

    Haha, urban law-gend. I was told you could only sign up in a county where you have an office or residence or somesuch. My brother does a lot of court-appointed cases and he wanted to practice in Contra Costa where, it is said, cases are more likely to go to trial. He’ll be glad to hear it’s not true.

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