Networking Online & Real-Time

Carol Elefant who always has insightful posts in her Nolo blog, “Legal Marketing Blawg” reminds us that face to face networking should be a key part of any marketing effort.  And I completely agree with her that social networking is critically important to boost your credibility and your online visibility but it will only supplement referral marketing which requires face-to-face marketing to be successful.

Weekly Networking

Carol asks her readers about the face-to-face marketing they do so I thought I’d chime in here.   I believe that having a weekly habit of face to face networking is extremely valuable.  I am a member of Business Networking International – BNI which I find quite effective but its the only one I know.  I’m sure there are other effective weekly marketing groups.


  • Allows me to stand up and promote my business every week
  • Provides me with 30 people who know that I show up every week
  • These people become my sales force and learn my business
  • It makes other forms of marketing easier
  • Gives me a way to further relationship outside BNI by encouraging them to attend my meeting to promote their business

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