When Is Your Office Really Your Home?

An interesting post from My Law License, wondering about attorneys working out of their homes but  renting an office where they have their phone answered and mail received.  If they have a photo of their “office building” on their website, are they misleading clients and potential clients?  In California, there is the B&P code 6158 which states that electronic advertising as a whole can’t be misleading.  But really is there a significant different between placing your office address on the website and the building in terms of misleading potential clients?  I don’t think so but it’s an interesting question.

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2 Responses to “When Is Your Office Really Your Home?”

  1. Elaine Betts Says:

    An even more interesting question would be what address is listed on the business card, is this also misleading? My thought would be that if the attorney is seeing clients at the stated address then it is not misleading. What is more important though from the attorney’s perspective is protecting themselves from potential threats and repercussions from client outcomes and therefore they should NOT publish any home office based address.

    • Randy Wilson Says:

      Thank Elaine, that’s an excellent point and when DSD Law Site Solutions designs websites we spend time with the attorney(s) discussing how they want to be contacted and whether they want to include some or all of their contact information on their website.

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