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Tort Costs for 2007: $252 billion

November 24, 2008

This figure is only a portion of all litigation-related costs.  It doesn’t include IP litigation or contractual litigation.  Another interesting finding is that in 1990, the difference between costs borne by the individual versus business wasn’t too great; 52 vs. 78 billion but by 2007 the spread was much wider; $90 to 161 billion.  (See whole report courtersy Towers Perrin, HERE).

Given these enormous costs to American business, monitoring commercial litigation is a key and undervalue window on how American business functions.

Trade Association Thursday

November 12, 2008

Ill have the mac n cheese, please

"I'll have the mac 'n cheese, please"




REPORT CARD: National Restaurant Association


Overview: They comprise 945,000 restaurants and foodservice outlets employing more than 13 million people.

1.  Allow associate memberships? Yes and can use their logo, attend their annual show, get free newsletter but no mention of accessing their directory. But not cheap and membership is based on your revenue.  Lowest level membership is more than $500 annually. “B-“

 2.  Make membership directory public?  Doesn’t appear that they have a directory.  “F”

 3.  Active national conference?  Yes, has an annual conference that non-members can attend. Also has a very thorough list of exhibitors at their annual conference arranged by categories.  Great industry intel; can see the breakdown of products associated with the restaurant industry as well as the providers and all for free.  “A”

 4.  Subchapters or regional associations?  Yes. Treats state associations as partners who have their own websites and further breakdown of chapters. “B”

 5.  Industry reports, information, news?   Yes, most of it is for purchase but can sign up for free industry newsletter as well as get basic industry facts for free. 


 6.  Glossary of industry terms?  No “F”

 7.   What sense does it give you of the industry and people in it?  Very good.  They have a thorough public policy and legislative section that outlines lots of issues the restaurant industry faces and their position on those issue. This give you an excellent set of “listening points” were you to engage people in the restaurant industry. “A”

 Overall:  This is an information rich site with lots of great resources, many of them available for free.  In short order (no pun intended) you could get very acquainted with this industry and how to do business with it from reviewing this association site. “A-“

Sunday Special: Researching Companies by Industry

November 2, 2008
Proverbial Industrial Plant Belching Scary Smoke!

Proverbial Industrial Plant Belching Scary Smoke!

Search engines are not that great for retrieving data based on industry codes.  The government has set up two detailed industry classification schemes that are extremely useful for pinpointing narrow market niches.  They are the Standard Industrial Classification which the Feds updated with the North American Industrial Classification System.   For proprietary databases like Dun & Bradstreet and many others these systems are very useful to tailoring a search to pull up information say on the video rental businesses making more than $1 million bucks in Des Moines.  Searching for that on the web is virtually impossible. 

Here are some tips:

1.  Utilize both SIC and NAICS when researching.  The Census Bureau collects lots of great data by NAICS codes but not SIC.

2. For researching public companies by industry niche, use SEC Edgar also a federal government agency (go figure!) allows users to search ONLY by SIC. 

3. OSHA also organizes everything by SIC but at least they claim to be working on moving towards NAICS.  

4. allows users to search by industry niche and location at a pretty granular level.  They appear to deploy a system based on SIC but its not quite the same and you can’t enter a code but have to search by industry label.

5.  Yahoo Finance  allows you to search by industry designation with a list of more than fifty which isn’t as extensive as SIC or NAIC but better than Google which includes less than 10.

9 Million May End Up with No TV in 2009

October 21, 2008

According to this Nielsen report, more than 9 million Americans aren’t ready for the new, HD age.  They are gonna die!!  Perhaps they don’t really care.  Maybe they just watch dvds or stream tv over the Internet or even more freaky, they DON’T INPUT ANY VISUAL MEDIA.  Don’t let this notion get around, maybe it will spread.

Love $$ Boat

October 19, 2008


Wow, the cruise-line industry is a $22 billion business!  Dunno, that surprises me.

Check out this report prepared for the Cruise Line International Association.  This is a reminder that when you are searching for industry information don’t forget to utilize industry and trade association websites.  Often lots of good stuff for free.  Oh, don’t you think the cruise ship cutting through the open water they use on the first page of the report is a result of bad photoshop?  Isn’t there a good pic of the Love Boat with crew in the public domain?  Come on guys, you can do better than that!