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Disney toy recalled for posing choking hazard

February 18, 2009

Disney’s  “Handy Manny” Toy Tool Sets have been recalled because the toy tools have eyes that detach and pose a choking hazard to young children.  The picture in the link below suggests the problem.

News announcement:

Spa products recalled: jars explode

January 31, 2009

JAKKS Pacific of Malibu, CA have been selling these “spa” packages to teenage girls at places like Wal-mart and Target.  In essence, they are tiny jars with garish purple lids that have been exploding into people’s faces, causing welts, cuts, gashes and eye injuries.  They are having to recall more than 500,000 units of these products.

Here are the recalled products and the news release.

Oh, did I mention they are manufactured in China?

Model Item Number
Spa Factory™ Bath Benefits™ Kit 37836
Spa Factory™ Deluxe Spa Fantasy Aromatherapy Fountain 37908
Spa Factory™ Spa Fantasy Aromatherapy Fountain 37837
Spa Factory™ Spa Fantasy Aromatherapy Fountain 54892
Spa Factory™ Spa Fantasy Aromatherapy Fountain 54857

Dangerous book recalled

December 31, 2008

Not because of its incendiary ideas but because, “the books contain several errors in the technical diagrams that could lead consumers to incorrectly install or repair electrical wiring, posing an electrical shock hazard to consumers.”

The title of the book is: “Wiring a House, 3rd Edition and Wiring Complete, Expert Advice from Start to Finish”

Um, where were the “experts” when it came to the technical diagrams?

Recall notice

Jumbo snow globe catches fire

December 23, 2008

Just in time for Christmas, Hallmark Cards is pulling 7,000 of giant snow globes from retailer shelves.  When the snowglobe is exposed to sunlight it acts as a magnifying glass and can ignite nearby combustibles.  Um, I’d say for many places, the sunlight problem would be welcomed.

News article

FDA warns about 25 diet pills

December 22, 2008

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is alerting consumers nationwide not to purchase or consume more than 25 different products marketed for weight loss because they contain undeclared, active pharmaceutical ingredients that may put consumers’ health at risk.

The tainted weight loss products are listed in this FDA news release.

Evenflo high chairs recalled for infant dangers

December 18, 2008

Evenflo recalled its Majestic High Chair because it had received more than a thousand reports from consumers about screws and caps coming loose, kids falling from the chair and even breaking bones.  Some kids had the caps and screws in their hands but so far no reports of kids having swallowed the loose objects.  The recall includes 90,000 high chairs.

Consumer Product Safety Commission release (contains photo of chair)

Sunday Special: Researching defective products

November 30, 2008

I have featured a few product liability lawsuits.  These are good sources for dark side of a company’s product information but its not easy to find them.   While many courts provide access to their electronic court dockets there are hundreds of them to search and many don’t allow you to search easily by company name.  The SEC filings could be useful but they often mask the true nature of the suits or don’t mention them at all.  For example, earlier I featured a lawsuit against Hewlett Packard involving a faulty video card but if you look at the SEC filings none of those kinds of suits are listed.

This is where the Consumer Product Safety Commission comes in.  Frequently, products are subject to warnings or recalls before major litigation occurs and you can find out about a company’s less successful product offerings.  In the case of Hewlett Packard, you can use the cumbersome search feature (HERE) to look for the products with major safety and health issues.  The most recent HP recalls have all involved products that have caught fire.

Note that the lawsuit involving the video card has no precedent at the commission.  This is because the commission doesn’t recall faulty products unless they cause a health and safety problem.  So if you buy a lemon and you want justice, you’ll have to go to court.  Best to find others in a like position and a class action attorney ready to take the case.  Otherwise, your damages won’t get you into superior court.

Progresso Soup Recall: Bad Label

November 14, 2008


Hearty Tomato Soup.  What is more comforting than that?  Well, if contains allergens like soy, milk and egg maybe not so much.  Or so say General Mills and the FDA.