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Twitter: End of Business Cards for Lawyers?

April 16, 2011

Lets consider the source: an attendee at the ABA Tech show in Chicago.  Jay Shepherd claims that attorneys at this show were trading their twitter handles rather than business cards.

Hype Wary

Social media including Twitter have been around awhile now and this kind of hype typically attends the earlier stages of a new tech development.  What I call the “Gee Whiz!” moment.   These moments are always announcing the death of something and this article is no different.

Still, I get his point – Twitter is a great way to communicate quickly and easily.  It allows attorneys to continue a dialog as a matter of course whereas the business card requires capturing the information and sending out an email to connect.  I do think its time however, to advance the dialog a bit and talk about adding a Twitter handle to the business cards rather than throwing away those dusty boxes altogether.