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No mention of Petland on Nightline puppy mill story

March 29, 2009

Nightline did an interesting piece Friday night on the Amish puppy mills, showing how a breeder sees his treatment as humane while others would not.  However, I cannot believe that the story doesn’t even mention the recent protests against Petland for selling puppy mill dogs and the lawsuit just filed by the Humane Society against Petland for these practices.  In fact, the story doesn’t even pose the question, “to whom do these dog breeders sell their puppies?” 

That Nightline, heavily dependent on advertisers, completely ignores this very relevant fact, is symptomatic of the favorable treatment corporate America receives at the hands of corporate media.  Its not even that the coverage is biased in favor of Petland.  The issue of Petland’s involvement in puppy mills gets completely ignored.

Petland could be an advertiser for Nightline or if Nightline mentioned the suit, no doubt the company could apply pressure on ABC.  For all we know, the company has already been lobbying, pressuring the television networks and other outlets to ignore Petland’s role in the puppy mill debate.

Here is a link to Nightline where you can view the video.

Here is a link to make a comment to Nightline.  I did that and linked to this blog and if I hear from them, I’ll post their response.