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Bar Associations – Helpful for Attorneys?

April 23, 2011

Here is a useful post from the Solo Practice University about the value of Bar Associations.  The author does a good job of looking at all the ways that Bar Associations are helpful – from free resources for legal research, setting up your practice, figuring out where to practice and the like.

What about Local Bar Associations?

She doesn’t address county bar associations in this post but I would suggest that they are where attorneys can really get lots of value. They provide plenty of room to get involved, connect with other attorneys, write articles and give presentations. I belong to a couple of top-notch county bar associations – Alameda County Bar Association and the Contra Costa County Bar Association.  They provide individual attention to assist their member attorneys to get as much as they can out of the bar association experience.

Speaking on social networking ethics @ ACBA

January 15, 2011

Next Wednesday, Jan 19th,  is MCLE day for Alameda County Bar Association attorneys and I will be speaking on social networking and legal ethics.

What’s next on social networking ethics for attorneys?

One of my topics will be the need to clarify a couple fuzzy areas.  First, is how attorneys should proceed in “friending, connecting, linking” to clients or potential clients.  There are ethical considerations here but it depends upon the nature of practice, the nature of the relationship, how clear it is that the client and attorney have a client relationship and aren’t just business associates or friends.

Second, whether clients can recommend attorneys on LinkedIn and other social media websites where there is no opportunity for the attorney to place a disclaimer on the page that a positive outcome in this case is not a prediction of success for the viewer in his or her potential case.

Excellent examples of attorney social networking

February 26, 2010

Yesterday’s presentation to the Alameda County Bar Association’s attorneys was well attended and generate excellent discussion.  I also wanted to give a “shout out” to two excellent social networking attorneys who showcase what they do to make themselves visible by offering useful information and pertinent examples of the value they offer to clients, prospects and others.

Kudos to Dana Schultz and Kelly Savage Day!

Mark your calendars: Feb. 25th

January 14, 2010

Randy Wilson is presenting on: “social networking: here to stay or flash in the pan” at the Alameda County Bar Association offices in Oakland at noon.  Attorney, Kelly Savage Day, an avid social networker will also be speaking.  More here.