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One more time: American Apparel sued again

December 31, 2008

This time by a man who is suing the company and the colorful Dov Chaney, (several sexual harassment suits have been filed against him) CEO in Los Angeles Superior Court for more than a million dollars in bonuses and commission.  The ex–chief of European operations Bernhard-Axel Ingo Brake claims that he was fired after complaining about employment practices that included paying employees under the table and allowing women employees the CEO liked to “mishandle company funds and waste resources.”

But American Apparel isn’t rolling over on this one.  They have counter-sued in a German court for embezzlement and because they claim Mr. Brake hired his mistress of a high-level position in Switzerland with no apparent duties.

If I were a lover of American Apparel clothing, I would wonder how much my money went to corporate shenanigans