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Don’t use “recession” in your Facebook profile

April 4, 2009

If you live in Australia, that could get you fired. It seems that employers in Australia are firing employees who speak out on Facebook (and probably other popular social media sites) about their working conditions.

Australian legal experts say that the employers are the ones that could be violating the law.

“If an employer hasn’t told people in advance what the rules are, what the conditions are, then that greatly increases the likelihood that an employee can say well, I can’t be terminated for this because I wasn’t aware that this is something I was not to do.”


Sued via Facebook

December 16, 2008

An Australian couple have been served legal papers regarding the repossessing of their house via Facebook!

Australia has okayed the use of email and text messaging as ways of service but this is the first time for Facebook.   Anyone know if this is even in the realm of the possible in the US?