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Accident risk while texting: 23 times more likely

December 26, 2009

You are 23 times  more likely to cause an accident while texting than not. 

BUT while the California Highway Patrol handed out nearly 163,000 for people using cell phone while driving, they’ve only handed out 1,400 citations for texting.

WHY?  You can do it in your lap where the police can’t so easily spot.  And I don’t imagine helicopter  surveillance is can help too much either.

Denny Hecker hits utility pole

December 5, 2008

And he had to be hospitalized.  His car was described as a “SUV-type” vehicle.  No word if its a dreaded Chyrsler which would be ironic given how they froze his credit and he sued them.  Anyway, the article describes his injuries as non-life-threatening.   At least that’s some good news after a rough patch for Mr. Hecker.