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Top scams of 2008

February 2, 2009

A Better Business Bureau chapter released its “dirty dozen” of the most common scams of the year and they are the usual suspects; lottery wins, work-at-home schemes, payday loans and credit repair solicitations.  Identity theft came in at #7 which surprised me.  I would have thought that would come in as #1.

Dirty dozen scams 0f 2008

Charter cable: Better Business Bureau’s flip-flop

January 10, 2009

Two years ago BBB issued a warning about Charter entitled: “Customers doubt Charter’s commitment to service.”  This week BBB released a new grading system and guess what?  Charter gets an A.

Did the company really turn it around that quickly?

Well, its complicated…First, BBB admits that they are still getting numerous customers complaints about Charter such as; billing practices, referring bills to collection agencies, customer service and honoring service appointments.   That doesn’t sound so great to me  but BBB says the company has shown dramatic improvement.  However, of the 1,269 Charter complaints supposedly “resolved” none of them are acknowledged as such by customers.  

This doesn’t seem right.  Its fine to acknowledge improvement but to give the company an “A” means that it shares that grade with companies with superior customer service, that aren’t getting numerous complaints.  Is it possible to complain about the Better Business Bureau?