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TV outlets terminating analogy by Feb. 17th

February 11, 2009

I’ve attached a document that lists all the TV stations planning to terminate analog by Feb. 17th.  Among the areas hardest hit are Honolulu HI, Salt Lake City UT, Greenville NC, Witchita KS and Tulsa OK.

List of analog terminating stations

Yahoo turning TVs into computers

January 12, 2009

On the eve of the big Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, Yahoo showed off its new widgets that television makers such as Sony, Toshiba and Samsung are embedding into their new models.  These widgets allow the TV viewer to click to popular sites such as Youtube, MySpace, Twitter, Amazon and others via their remotes.

What will this mean to the future of broadcast media?  Will we need 24 hour cable news?  Sure, its nice to have real-time broadcasting for big stories but all the time? If people can get attractive, real-time information without the blather of talking heads and advertising will we need so much broadcast media?  Or am I just showing my bias as someone who generally loathes television?


Another Win for Google: FCC Opens Up TV White Space

November 10, 2008
I dont think they are talking about this kind of white space.

I don't think they are talking about this kind of white space.

More Wifi for the masses!  Or so its claimed as the FCC approved by a vote of 5-0 “unlicensed device use” to use unlicensed white spaces if the device come with anti-interference technology.  This isn’t about letting the Googles etc. broadcast but to utilize these vacant frequencies for internet access.  Apparently, this will help with access to rural locations.  Not surprisingly, the big broadcasters complained but the FCC did no more than had them a hankie.

FCC Approves Google-Backed Plan to Free TV Airwaves