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Google Settles “Buzz” lawsuit for $8 million

September 4, 2010

Earlier this year I posted about this lawsuit.  Seems like Google took it pretty seriously, agreeing to donate more than $8 million to various educational and privacy non-profits.

Google “recalling” Buzz privacy settings

April 5, 2010

Starting today, Google has decided to ask all its users to confirm or change their Buzz privacy settings.  So far, I haven’t seen the great value of Buzz.  I’ve looked it over and the most I can determine is that could help improve my search visibility and give me another channel to disseminate blog content.  But maybe I need to spend more time looking at its features.

More trouble for Google over “Buzz”

April 3, 2010

11 lawmakers have requested that the FTC launch an investigation into Google Buzz for breaching consumer privacy.  In one flagrant example of the breach a nine year old girl unintentionally shared her contact list with someone with a sexually “charged” username.