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Canada on a Facebook rampage

January 28, 2010

I’m overstating things a wee bit but Canada’s privacy commission is investigating a complaint against Facebook’s changes in privacy settings.  This is the second time this year Canada has gone after the social networking giant.

Effective use of social networking for lawyers: free report

September 5, 2009

This is an excellent guide for lawyers that describes the various social networking tools and how to best utilize them for building a strong social networking presence.

Don’t let the fact that its Canadian deter you. 

Canadian Law Firms and their use of social media

Canada dismisses most Facebook complaints

July 18, 2009

“Facebook is pleased that the Canadian Federal Privacy Commissioner has dismissed most of the inaccurate claims brought by
CIPPIC, and that we were able to collaboratively resolve other issues raised in the complaint.”


Canadian judge okays mind reading lawsuit

July 12, 2009

“A Canadian man can go ahead with a lawsuit claiming federal police used mind-reading techniques while investigating him, a British Columbia judge ruled.

David Ross, who lives near Hope, British Columbia, about 150 kilometers (90 miles) east of Vancouver, claims two police officers used what he called “neurophone, advanced neurophone and subliminal messaging” while he was under surveillance in 2003, according to court papers. He said that as a result, he suffers from headaches, sleeplessness and loss of normal brain function. A neurophone is an “electronic telepathy machine,” according to the Art of Hacking Web site.”


Canada doesn’t have higher bankruptcy rate than U.S.

July 12, 2009

A recent study from the Fraser Institute claims that the notion that medical expenses spikes the U.S. bankruptcy rate is wrong because Canada has a higher bankruptcy rate than the U.S. and Canada has nationalized healthcare.  However, over at Creditslip, they debunk this finding by showing that the study looked at only bankruptcy statistics from 2006-07 after the U.S. had enacted strict new bankruptcy filing rules.  If ten years of bankruptcy filing data is reviewed, Canada has a lower rate for eight of those years including 2008.