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GM Delaying Dealer Payments

November 18, 2008

It appears that the company has focused its strategy on a public relations campaign to beg the American people to bail them out because if they file bankruptcy, the economy will collapse.  Here is another press release about how they are delaying reimbursements to dealers because they are in desperate straits.  We know this is a strategy because they are using the company spokesman, John McDonald, to spread the word to the Associated Press. 

To me, a more effective strategy would be tell us what GM is willing to give up; carbon emissions, gas-guzzlers and the bad business practices that got them in this mess.  Note to GM: you need us more than we need you.

Update:  I just checked the GM website and when I clicked on corporate information it took me to a website, where their scary video is featured along with all their “scary” facts.

Dennis Hecker Sues Chrysler Financial

November 17, 2008

Seems in mid-October they just stopped honoring Mr. Hecker’s credit line with no notice and Dennis isn’t a small player as he owns at least 15 dealerships in the Minnesota.   If I were Dennis, I wouldn’t take this personally but I also might find another line of auto manufacturers to work with, maybe one from another country?  Just saying.