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Consumers angry over Charter cable increases

May 14, 2009

Charter Communication’s bankruptcy filing hasn’t prevent business as usual.  Here is one consumer’s lament:

“Each year Charter Communications raising its prices again, again and again.

Last year Charter raised its internet pipeline services from $39.00 to $54.00 a month and that is only internet services. They try to get people to get packages as the package minimal price is $98.00 a month not including taxes.

CEO Paul Allan is so wealthy; he bought himself a $150 million yacht besides the other ridiculous price tag toys he buys. It is a shame living in a town that the population of own house owners is 5% and the rest renters, companies like Charter Communications is ripping people off on these Internet Cable scams.

Shame on you Charter Communications from stealing from the poor.”


Charter sues DirecTV over bankruptcy claims

May 12, 2009

“DirecTV makes false claims to Charter Communications customers to capitalize on Charter’s bankruptcy, Charter claims in Federal Court. Charter claims DirecTV launched a national advertising campaign with false statements that Charter is being liquidated and that its services will end or be substantially impaired.”


Complaint courtesy Courthousenews

Charter Communications: more layoffs

January 31, 2009

49 Charter Cable workers staffing the Bay City Michigan welcome center will be out of jobs next month.  The company is trying to find other positions for them but given the tenuous state of the company; the likelihood of  iminent bankruptcy, a position at a different company might be more secure.


Charter cable: $21 billion in debt

January 9, 2009

In this article about Charter’s lawsuit against Verizon for patent infringement it was this aside that caught my attention.  $21 billion.

That’s a lot of cable subscriptions!