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Lennar sets aside $40 million for chinese drywall

July 11, 2009

“Home builder Lennar Corp. has set aside nearly $40 million to deal with homes that it built using defective Chinese drywall, the company said in a regulatory filing on Friday…

The company also said that 41 Florida state court lawsuits and two federal class-action lawsuits have been filed against the builder regarding Chinese drywall. It is trying to abate the state actions under a law that allows builders to repair problems.”


1st Chinese drywall trial: Sept. 2010

June 30, 2009

“The trial date for a Chinese drywall suit in Florida is scheduled for later next year, making it potentially the first in a series of cases that will be submitted to a jury involving damages caused by the toxic drywall.

The Miami Herald reports that the lawsuit over Chinese drywall brought by Melissa and Jason Harrell against South Kendall Construction, Palm Holdings, Keys Gate Realty and Banner Supply Co. will go to trial in Miami-Dade Circuit Court in September 2010.”


Chinese drywall fix: $250,000

June 20, 2009

“A local family is now one of the latest victims of Chinese drywall contamination, and it could cost more than a quarter of a million dollars, out of pocket, to fix the problem.

The Galuzzi family of suburban Boca Raton says their home is filled with the tainted drywall, and that the hazzardous chemicals have been causing them to get sick.”


Sun city retirees facing chinese drywall

June 19, 2009

“Many retired homeowners in Sun City Center say their retirement dream has been put on hold. They believe tainted Chinese drywall is ruining their homes.

Homeowner Mary Moser fears it could also be making her sick.

“I’ve been awakening with dry burning eyes and congestion in the head and chest,” Moser says.”


Drywall cases consolidated in New Orleans

June 16, 2009

Florida attorneys must be mad:

“A number of lawsuits regarding defective Chinese-manufactured drywall have been consolidated and will be heard by a federal judge in New Orleans, the city whose post-Katrina construction boom is partly to blame for the issue.

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litgation (JPML) has assigned the newly-consolidated action to Judge Eldon Fallon.”


Florida considers bill to allow drywall lawsuits

June 10, 2009

“After several days of delay, the Senate is scheduled to take a bill specifically allowing lawsuits regarding Chinese dry wall alleged to cause health problems.”


Drywall replacement costs: $100,000

June 9, 2009

“Randy Noel, president of the local building firm Reve Inc., testified before a Senate subcommittee in May that it would cost roughly $100,000 per home to replace the tainted drywall and corroded wiring. While he said large, publicly traded builders might be able to absorb such costs, it was almost out of the question for mom-and-pop operations.”


Chinese drywall conference: more questions

June 5, 2009

Meeting held in Orlando drew more than 275 people:

“During a lunch meeting, Lori Streit of Aurora, Ill.-based Unified Engineering Inc., which is conducting lab tests on the drywall for the Florida Department of Health, said early results show that the chemical strontium in U.S.-based wallboard ranges up to 300 parts per million, but Chinese drywall is registering at 2,000 to 3,000 parts per million, one possible clue as to why the board may emit noxious sulfuric odors.

Still, conference attendees and speakers said that not enough is known about the material and what can be done about it.  “I have 45 minutes that I can’t fill because I don’t know that much,” Fort Myers attorney Scott Weinstein said during his speech.

“There are still more questions than answers.” ”


Feds set up drywall information website

June 3, 2009

“The Consumer Product Safety Commission has launched a new Drywall Information Center to help homeowners keep track of the agency’s investigation into toxic drywall manufactured in China. The center also has information that can help consumers determine if their homes were built with the contaminated product and can take their complaints.

The CPSC has received 365 reports from 18 states, including Florida, of houses that may contain the drywall. The building material emits sulfur gas that many believe is making people sick, and corroding electrical fixtures and wiring.”



Virginia Comfort Inn built with chinese drywall

June 2, 2009

“Chinese-made drywall was being used to build a new Comfort Inn & Suites hotel near the corner of South Military Highway and North George Washington Highway, Chesapeake officials said Monday.

The city has issued a criminal summons to the hotel’s developer, Dilip Patel, alleging he violated state building codes, according to records obtained from the city. The case could end up in court June 24 unless Patel takes the drywall out before then or produces tests that show it is acceptable, officials say.”