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LinkedIn Adds Videos to Company Profiles

January 31, 2011

This article outlines eight recent features LinkedIn has added to its company profiles including the ability to upload a video about your company.   There is also the ability to stream blog and Twitter posts to your company page.

Downside: Managing these Account

I hate to be the pessimist but it does seem that for small businesses, managing both personal and business social media sites can be overwhelming.  Are you posting different information to your company profile than you are to your personal?  Should it be the same or different?  Which type of profile is the most important for visibility?  I will spend some time looking into these questions and share the pros and cons over time.

Think before creating LinkedIn company profiles

November 24, 2009

What I learned when trying to setup a company profile on LinkedIn:

1.  You can’t use gmail, yahoo or the like as your contact email for a LinkedIn company profile.  While this is probably a vetting tool for LinkedIn to make sure that a company profile is legitimate, for small businesses that haven’t set up such an email website domain, this is problematic.

2.  LinkedIn doesn’t make it easy to remove a profile once it’s created.  If you are a small operation and you might either go back to full-time employment or merge into another small business, LinkedIn makes it difficult to remove a company profile.  In the email they sent when I inquired about this, they wrote: “I have received your request to remove a Company Profile however this is usually a request that is only granted in extreme cases.”

3.  Don’t create a company profile on LinkedIn without seriously considering that it will not be as easy as clicking on a “remove” button should you change your mind.

4.  LinkedIn doesn’t provide much guidance about the business considerations for creating such a profile in its FAQ.  This seems like a no-brainer.  Questions like what, “what are the benefits of creating a LinkedIn company page?” and “What size companies should consider creating such a profile?” come rushing to mind but not to LinkedIn.