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Top ten FTC complaints – Internet is prominent

February 26, 2010

This listing of the top FTC consumer complaints contains at least three categories of Internet-related issues.  The first and by far most common is identity theft which could happen without the Internet but is certainly aided and abetted by it.  Not only by all the activity that happens publicly but also that which happens behind firewalls that get breached all too easily.  The other two Internet related complaints are Internet services and Internet auctions.

Florida’s top ten consumer complaints

January 2, 2009

The state of Florida published the top consumer complaints for 2008.  This year they received 37,227 written complaints.  More states should provide this kind of information.

The top ten complaints are:

#1. Do Not Call law generated 5006 written complaints 

#2. Travel/vacation plans ranked second with 3,582 written complaints (not  sure of the nature of these complaints)

#3. Telemarketers that did not relate to the Do Not Call list 2,542 complaints 

#4. Credit/banking with 2,471 complaints

#5. Communications category with 2,370 complaints

#6. Price gouging with 2,291  complaints

#7. Motor vehicle sales with 1,754 complaints

#8.  Motor vehicle repairs generated 1,672 complaints

#9.  Landlord/tenant issues prompted 1,562 complaints,

#10.  Construction issues with 1,216 complaints

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