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FTC Report on Protecting Consumer Privacy

March 17, 2011

Yesterday, the Senate held hearings the state of online privacy and the FTC issued this report.  Here is a summary of the “Do Not Track” proposal.

  • Any Do Not Track system should be implemented universally, so that consumers do not have to repeatedly opt out of tracking on different sites;
  • The choice mechanism should be easy to find and easy to use;
  • Any choices offered should be persistent and should not be deleted if, for example, consumers clear their cookies or update their browsers;
  • A Do Not Track system should not only allow consumers to opt out of advertising, it should allow them to opt out of tracking altogether; and
  • A Do Not Track system should be effective and enforceable without technical loopholes.


New federal bills expand consumer privacy rights

November 6, 2009

The Senate Judiciary Committee has approved two new data security bills that greatly expand the consumer’s right to notice for any data breach involving he or her personal information.  The other bill will allow consumers to request that data brokers notify them about any personal information that is held for disclosure to third parties.

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