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Facebook as a cyberbully tool

April 23, 2009

Will 2009 be the year the media exposes the “dark side” of Web 2.0?  With the Craigslist killer and Facebook bullies, it seems likely to happen.  Will it matter?  Probably not.  The Internet is our societal mirror.  If we don’t like what we see, what can we do?  Shutdown the Internet?

Case in point:

“In summer 2007, a music professor at BU was shocked to learn that he had a Facebook page — in his name, with a recent photo and a spot-on bio. But, the professor recalls, “embedded in the document were really scurrilous things that were reputed to have been said by me, and they were quite unpleasant and ugly and immature.”

The remarks provoked a steady stream of online rants and insults. The professor, who asked BU Today not to publish his name, had no idea how long the page had been up or what to do about it. He suspected a disgruntled former student — there had been a few over the years — but had no clue which one.

After many phone calls and sleepless nights, with the help of a friend’s daughter who knew someone at Facebook, the professor persuaded site administrators to remove the page. “It was incredibly anxiety-producing,” he recalls. “I didn’t know how long this would go on. You’re forced into the fairly lonely situation of going to see an attorney and facing the prospect of some kind of litigation.”


Craigslist “troll” hit with $75,000 judgment

April 19, 2009

Mr. Fortuny, known as an Internet “troll” performed a infamous “Craigslist Experiment” in 2006, in which he posted a fake ad on Craigslist pretending to be a woman seeking a “str8 brutal dom muscular male” for sex. According to the New York Times, over one-hundred men responded, providing photographs and contact information.

One of the men sued Mr. Fortuny for $75,000 and won.

Case informaiton courtesy Citizen Media Law Project.

Craigslist responds to Cook County Sheriff

March 8, 2009

The line that makes me suspect that Mr. Dart is grandstanding is this one;

“And yet, inexplicably, Sheriff Dart apparently bypassed the Illinois Attorney General’s office, and filed this complaint through a private law firm.”

Why would the sheriff use a private (more expensive, hello budget watchdogs!) law firm to file this suit unless the Attorney General refused to do so. 

Full Craigslist reponse

Craigslist prostitution lawsuit

March 7, 2009

Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart’s lawsuit against Craigslist, wanting to shut down its escort service struck me as stupid.  Wendy Davis of MediaPost blog has a more polite but similiar take.  His lawsuit isn’t just stupid it has little chance of going anywhere.  I guess the Sheriff was looking for some headlines.

Sheriff sues Craigslist to ban erotic services

March 6, 2009

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart called Craigslist, “the single largest source of prostitution in the nation.”  How dumb is that?  Craigslist isn’t a source of prostitution, its a media outlet that allows prostitutes to advertise effectively.  Its like saying that television ads for automobiles are the single largest source for automobiles.  Huh?  If we banned car companies from advertising on television, we would stop people from buying cars.

Yes, before Craigslist, there was virtually no prostitution.  In fact, didn’t that word get invented with the rise of Craigslist?


Craigslist scam: fake pastor renting property

February 25, 2009

This is a variation of the fake rental agent scam except this time they are pretending to be a man of the clothe.  The Winnipeg police are warning people that a man using the last name of Strampher using Craigslists and other such sites claims that he is renting out property while he is away on a religious retreat.  He asks potential tenants to fill out an application and then wire money for a damage deposit. 


Craigslist scam watch: fake money orders

February 23, 2009

Police in Northern Arizona are warning people about a variation on a scam I posted about before.  The seller of an item gets a message from potential buyer, “Michael Armstrong” from England who sends two money orders and tells the seller to cash both money orders and return the excess amount via Western Union.  Typically, the money orders bounce after the seller has already sent the excess cash to Mr. Armstrong.


Now police post sex ads on Craigslist

February 6, 2009

Update:  Fallout from prostitution arrests:

*Dennis Martin, acting president of the Conestoga school board is forced to resign.

*Darren Bates, President of Omaha’s firefighter union has been put on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

So let me get this straight.  The cops put up a sex ad on Craigslist and bust a couple high profile people who have or may lose their jobs based on this sting operation.  How is this a good thing?


Its one thing for police to answer sex ads to bust folks for prostitution but now they are running their own ads to bust people?

I have a small frame with lovely curves. I am playfull and seductive, teasing and tantalizing until you just .¤.¤. well, you’ll see.”

And with that ad, the Southwest Iowa Narcotics Taskforce snag six men including a school board president, attorney, firefighter and school teacher.   The police claim this isn’t entrapment because the ads don’t explicit mention $ for sex. 

“They can’t initiate a conversation leading to an offer,” Flood said. “They need to be coy and allow the buyer to describe what they want.”  Though they did list, $150hh and $250fh but hey, that could be for window washing!


Women utilizing Craigslist sex ads

February 1, 2009

Update:  Ohio 4th grade school teacher skipped out on a half day of work to trick in a nearby motel.  Police set up a sting by answering her Craigslist ad.


A TV station in North Carolina noticed an increasing number of sex ads on Craigslist and decided to investigate.  They talked with a woman named “Kelly” who has been advertising on Craigslist for years and makes between $1.5 and $2k a week.  Her clients included government officials including a police officer.  She says, “[men] could be to their last $200 in the bank and they would give it to me.”

A local police chief was asked in the article if prostitution is a victimless crime and he said,

“Someone always gets hurt. There is a spouse involved, there is a child involved. There is money being exchanged. Just like for drugs. There’s money being taken out of a home to purchase services that needs to be placed in a home. There’s never a victimless crime.”

Couldn’t that quote be applied to divorce?  Why not make that illegal?


Friday Freebies: Craigslist founder’s free advice

January 30, 2009

A few things learned from Craigslist: