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FTC sending checks to defrauded consumers

July 30, 2009

“On July 15, 2009, the Federal Trade Commission sent refund checks to consumers who allegedly had been defrauded in the case of FTC v. Integrity Financial Enterprises, LLC. Consumers who filed a claim with the FTC received checks averaging more than $200, which covered more than 85 percent of their losses. The refund checks must be cashed by September 13, 2009, or they become void.

In 2008, the FTC sued Integrity Financial Enterprises, LLC (which did business as Infinite Financial and National Benefits Exchange), National Benefits Exchange, Inc., and the companies’ owner, alleging that they promised consumers a “credit card” that could be used like a Visa or MasterCard for an up-front fee of $200 to $300, but which actually could be used only to buy products from the defendants’ Web site or catalog. The resulting court order and settlement in this case required the defendants to forfeit their financial assets to the FTC, which distributed the money to consumers who were harmed by the defendants’ conduct.”


Stolen credit card used for breast augmentation

March 6, 2009

Julianne Johnson of Bradenton Florida lives the high life; frequenting country clubs and high end spas.  She charms men into special friendship allowing her access to their credit card which she is accused of using illegally for purchases such as breast augmentation surgery.  I hope she claims the money she stole to pay for the surgery as a business expense so she can use it as a tax deduction.

Courtesy Taking Charge

Multi-state credit card scheme

February 24, 2009

Charles “Sho” Barksdale admitted his role in a prepaid card scheme that cost financial institutions between $1 million and $2 million.   This complicated scheme involved runners in various states who would go to bank tellers with prepaid cards with small amounts of cash and have the tellers call a number where a c0-conspirator posed as a card services representative and would walk the teller through the various numbers to press in order to make the transaction go through.

When Barskdale was arrested, he used coded language on a call with a female friend to have her “destroy a computer, withdraw funds from a bank account and remove expensive merchandise from a residence.”  Just like on TV!

Article courtesy “Taking Charge”

Black Friday is cyber criminal holiday

December 6, 2008

Attempted online fraud rose 40% this year for transaction on the day after Thanksgiving.  States most frequently hit are Floriday and New York.  Givency perfume by Estee Lauder was the most frequentlyvirtually swiped item.  No word on the online fraud completion rate.