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Save Your Marriage Thru Facebook Rules

September 28, 2010

Recently, the Internet has been awash with statistics about how marriages are breaking up over extra-marital Facebook activity.  Or at least start to break up due to Facebook activity.  So it has come to this – tips on how to use Facebook to SAVE your marriage.

My favorite: “List yourself as “married” in your status (its kind of like a cyber wedding ring)”

Here are the rest.

Facebook throwing P.Is out of business?

February 21, 2010

According to this article, 66% of divorce attorneys now use Facebook regularly for collecting evidence and attorneys are advising clients to take down pages or use them strictly for business during a divorce.  Are P.I.s struggle for business or are they now going virtual as well?

I wonder if bankruptcy trustees when reviewing the assets of filers now use Facebook to check the veracity of their claims.

Divorce the Facebook way

February 6, 2009

Emma Brady’s friend read the post from Emma’s husband on his Facebook page, “Neil Brady has ended his marriage to Emma Brady.”  She told Emma and subsequently Neil was arrested for assaulting Emma in a fight.  Emma wishes Neil had simply told her that he wanted a divorce.  “The irony is if he had just asked me for a divorce I would have agreed because I would never have wanted to make him unhappy.”