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Another Scientology labor violation suit

April 4, 2009

In January two plaintiffs sued Scientology in LA county superior for employment violations; working overtime without adequate compensation and no basic vacation or other benefits.  Scientology has argued that this wasn’t an employment situation as member voluntarily joined the church.

Now comes another suit filed in LA county superior against Scientology by the same attorney.   In addition to the previous allegations, here are some new ones:

It challenges Scientology’s practice of using what it calls a “primitive lie detector” to interrogate its employees in security checks. It questions the legal validity of the Sea Org employment contracts, as well as the waiver forms and other documents it says they are required to sign if they leave. It accuses Scientology officials of trying to discourage potential witnesses in the lawsuits through bribery and intimidation.


Scientology answers critics re: lawsuit

March 26, 2009

Back in January I posted about an employment lawsuit filed against a Scientology business entity (it includes a link to the complaint).  My big question then was whether the “employee” was a member of the church. 

Now comes an article from the Riverside Press-Enterprise which includes the Scientology’s public statement on this suit.  Their argument is that church members voluntarily agree when they become members of the church to volunteer for duties and that there in expectation of being paid or receiving basic benefits.

I think this will be a hard lawsuit to win against Scientology because if it was clear that the plaintiff voluntarily agreed to join the church and that there was no expectation of being paid for work performed, then its hard to see how this can be defined as employment under California employment law.  However, I’m no expert so I’d be interested in other have to say.


Lawsuit: hotel owners demanded workers cut up & eat slain deer

March 13, 2009

According to a Filipino woman who worked in the Comfort Inn & Suites in Oacoma South Dakota the hotel owner Robert Farrell entered the workers’ apartment on more than one occasion, hauling a couple of dead deer and demanding that one of the workers cut up the deer into pieces for their “food supply.”  The lawsuit was filed in South Dakota (?) federal court against Mr. Farrell and Choice Hotels International.


One more time: American Apparel sued again

December 31, 2008

This time by a man who is suing the company and the colorful Dov Chaney, (several sexual harassment suits have been filed against him) CEO in Los Angeles Superior Court for more than a million dollars in bonuses and commission.  The ex–chief of European operations Bernhard-Axel Ingo Brake claims that he was fired after complaining about employment practices that included paying employees under the table and allowing women employees the CEO liked to “mishandle company funds and waste resources.”

But American Apparel isn’t rolling over on this one.  They have counter-sued in a German court for embezzlement and because they claim Mr. Brake hired his mistress of a high-level position in Switzerland with no apparent duties.

If I were a lover of American Apparel clothing, I would wonder how much my money went to corporate shenanigans