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Twitter vs. Facebook: The Lawyer Edition

January 13, 2011

Kevin O’Keefe as usual, offer great insight into social networking for lawyers.  He explains that its helpful to think of Twitter as a way to communicate with others about real-time interests, ideas, information and things that you want share while Facebook is more about sharing your lives with people you know or want to know – however you define your sphere of influence.


The thing with Kevin is that he gives you plenty of opinion with his posts for which I say, “right on” even when I disagree.  In this case he off-handedly says that neither Twitter nor Facebook should be used to “auto-feed” content.  I assuming he means that one shouldn’t stream blog content to these services.  On this I have to disagree.  I will raise my hand high as an “autofeeder” and I’m proud of it.  Here is why.

1. Establishing a successful niche demands consistent and continued messaging.  Better that people see that you are talking about the same things everywhere than be confused about what you offer and who you are.

2. The beauty of social media is that is a publish once and republish many times kind of medium.  I have different audiences for my blog, Twitter account and Facebook friends.  It is unlikely that the same person will view my content multiple times and if they do they get re-enforced with my areas of interests and expertise.

3. I focus on one social networking hub and let the rest manage themselves.  In this case its LinkedIn.  That’s where I spend what time I have alloted after my blog for social networking.  I answer and ask questions.  I post status updates, I send messages to specific people in my network.  Why should I let my Facebook and Twitter profiles go stale?  I provide valuable content to folks that aren’t friends or followers.

I hope Mr. O’Keefe has a chance to provide the alternative view in some detail as I want hear what he thinks is the big downside to this approach.