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Trade Association Thursday:FEDA

October 30, 2008
Packets of Delight

Packets of Delight

This is a new feature where I’ll look at specific associations and grade them on their marketing value.

REPORT CARD: Foodservice Equipment Distributors Association (FEDA)

Overview: Members are companies that sell equipment and supplies to restaurants.

1.  Allow associate memberships?  Nope but they let you sign up for products if you sell to FEDA members.  You can get a package including membership on disk for $540.  “D”

2.  Make membership directory public?  Nope but you can see the companies that belong to the association.  You can then use their website for additional research.  Time-consuming “D”

3.  Active national conference? Yes, has an annual conference that non-members can attend. “C”

4.  Subchapters or regional associations? Website suggests not. “F”

5.  Industry reports, information, news?  Some, links to article from trade publication, “News and Views” but not much association or industry daily or weekly news. “C-“

6.   Glossary of industry terms?  No, but they do have a glossary of terms for bar coding.  “D-“

7.    What sense does it give you of the industry and people in it? Not great, actually.  On the plus side they provide member companies so you know who makes up the association.  They don’t do much legislative advocacy, the articles and discussions seems more business focused than industry.  For example, the best article is about inventory issues but not much about the type of inventory peculiar to food distributors.  Other articles are about search engine optimization and selling etc.  “C-“

Overall:  D+,  Some basic information but not really enough to make this a site I would use except to research the actual companies listed as members