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Scientology trial ends in France

June 18, 2009

“Wednesday marked the last day of a three-week trial in Paris in which the Church of Scientology stood accused of fraud.         

If found guilty, the church could be forced to shut down in France, though appeals could let the case continue for years.         

Closing arguments were made Wednesday, two days after the prosecution asked for a dissolution of both the church and its Paris bookstore, and fines of 2 million euros ($2.8 million).         

A verdict is expected in September. ”


Details about French Scientology trial

June 15, 2009

“The case centres on a complaint made in 1998 by a woman who said she was enrolled into Scientology after members approached her in the street and persuaded her to do a personality test. In the following months, she paid more than 21,000 euros ($34,000 Cdn) for books, “purification packs” of vitamins, sauna sessions and an “e-meter” to measure her spiritual progress, she said.
Other people also complained. Five original plaintiffs — three of whom withdrew after reaching a financial settlement with the Church of Scientology — said they spent vast sums on similar tests and cures.”


France Scientology lawsuit scheduled for trial

March 9, 2009

Scientology is scheduled to go on trial in France on May 25th.  France is charging Scientology’s top managers with fraud and for illegally practicing as pharmacists.