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Friday Freebies – Animating your pictures

August 6, 2010

“Transform your real-world photo into an animated nature scene by adding a wide array of water, weather and sound effects to your own photos and images. All visual effects have been recreated with accurate physics, so ripples on the water or subtle movements of the air look and behave just like they might in the physical life.”


Friday Freebies: create 3d logos!

May 14, 2010

“3D Text is a compact, flexible and affordable tool that will help you create custom 3D logos and headers in no time. The changes you make to the text are instantly reflected on the object in the preview window.

You can rotate the camera view freely to select the optimal rendering angle. 3D Text offers everything you need to create a cool-looking 3D logo or text fragment in seconds, so if you ever need one – you know the name of the right tool!”

Link here

Friday Freebies: Updated list of Google products

January 8, 2010

Here is a link to a spreadsheet of the almost 500 Google products and most of them are free!

Friday freebies: photo enhancer

July 31, 2009

“Photo Stamp Remover is a photo correction utility that can remove scratches, dust, stains, wrinkles, tears, date stamps and other unwanted artifacts that appear on photographs.

Offering a fully automatic process, the program uses an intelligent restoration technology to fill the selected area with the texture generated from the pixels around the selection, so that the defect blends into the rest of the image naturally.”


Friday Freebies: speed up your computer

July 10, 2009

WinUtilities is an award winning collection of tools to optimize and speedup your system performance. This suite contains utilities to clean registry, temporary files on your disks, erase your application and internet browser history, cache and cookies. It also supports to defragment your disk drives and improve computer performance and stability.

Friday Freebies: network assistant software

June 12, 2009

“Real-time network communication utility for the office environment, including channels-based chat, shared whiteboard, message board and instant messaging. It is intended to be used in small office or home office (SOHO) local networks, does not require a dedicated server and may be used instead of WinPopup. Easy to install and use, Network Assistant features file transfers, remote services (processes control, screenshots, activity tracking) and”

Friday freebies on Monday: 101 Freebies

May 4, 2009

Courtesy of PC World

Friday Freebies: video converter

April 17, 2009

Check it out:

Friday Freebies: network diagnostic software

March 20, 2009

Friday Freebie: Free Video and more..

November 21, 2008

The Profitability Channel, an online video channel for small businesses, is allowing free access to all 283 channels of its content which ranges from how to incorporate, manage your cash and compensate employees.  In addition, they provide a link for a sweepstakes to win free gas or groceries.  I think sweepstakes and maybe even green chip stamps are going to make a comeback!

Link to Profitability channel

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