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Lawsuit targets gypsum makers

May 1, 2009

“Georgia-Pacific Gypsum, 84 Lumber, and potentially any other LBM dealer that sold GP drywall in Florida since 2004 are the targets of a class-action lawsuit filed this week claiming that GP and 84 sold and distributed drywall that caused sulfur-related problems similar to recent complaints made against Chinese drywall.

The suitbrought by Michael Swidler, a builder from Tavares, Fla., and his wife Jill Swidler in essence attacks the use in drywall of synthetic gypsum–a product that has been sold for years and that is being touted now as a green building material. The filing names as defendants GP Gypsum, 84, and “other supply companies not yet identified.”

Shame on You Mr. Whipple!

October 21, 2008
Charmin’s new quilted diamond design was allegedly pilfered from Georgia Pacific’s Quilted Northern brand.  The  toilet paper titans are fighting it out in Federal District Court in the Northern District Court of Georgia.  Here’s the complaint.