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Adding Google Analytics to your website

January 17, 2010

A company that specializes in SEO and law firm websites is touting its inclusion of Google Analytics, a traffic reporting tool, into the websites it designs.  This is a free tool that is easily implemented, so I’m not sure that I would make this the subject of a press release about my company’s offering.  But since they have, here are five ways a law firm website can utilize Google Analytics to improve their search engine optimization.

1. Track your traffic over time: is there a pattern to your traffic?  Should you post news items on Wednesday because that’s when most people come to your site?

2  What browsers should you optimize your site for?  Are 98% of the people coming your site using only one of three browsers?

3.  Which pages draw the most traffic?  Are there pages you would rather they view and what some strategies to get visitors to go there?

4.  What sites are referring traffic to your website? Are you missing any obvious referral sources like LinkedIn?

5.  What keywords drive people to your site?  Are ones that should be but aren’t?  Should you run a pay per click campaign on those terms?