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Google Search Algorithm – Quality 1st

May 8, 2011

Since the beginning of the commercial Internet, businesses have been looking to push their way to the top of search rankings.  Over the years there have been many trends and most of them involve “gaming” the system.  Initially, Google’s approach was to reward quality sites – those that people returned to again and again as witnesses by linking to those sites.  However, businesses focused on secretive ways to game Google and Google doesn’t like that.

This post to their official webmaster site lists out what they want to promote in high ranking websites.  Quality is number one and rather than paying lots of money to create link farms or generate lots of dubious content, here are some things Google will be looking for in ranking your website:

  • Authority of Author
  • Are these topics of Interest or Driven by Keyword Popularity?
  • Quality of Copyediting
  • Originality of the Content
  • Is the Content Substantial or Superficial?

Google search coopts Twitter

February 22, 2010

This is like watching cars whiz by your front porch but on the Internet!  Amy Campbell points out Google’s new advance search which incorporates real time search results including  blogs and social media like Twitter.  Its particularly useful for fast breaking stories and its best to search on single words or short phrases to get the maximum thrill of seeing new search results pop up on your search results page without having to refresh.