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Petland protest update

January 23, 2009

The Humane Society of the United States did an investigation of puppy mills and pointed a finger at Petland.  There have been letters going back and forth between HSUS and Petland but I don’t find the HSUS website helpful in keeping up on this issue.  I found out about the letters through a local newspaper and posted about it here.

Now I read on another blog a reasonable defense of HSUS’s claims against Petland but not on its own site.  In a blog entry about a Petland manager who left his dog outside to freeze, they also provide several good responses to the Petland counterclaims. 

The posting argues that there are records of Petland purchasing dogs from breeders identified as puppy  mills.  Further, while Petland claims it has puppy mill breeders on a “do not buy” list, the facts are they have purchased dogs from them.

The next protest is on Saturday, Jan. 24th from noon until 2pm at the Plano Texas store where the largest number of protestors appeared during the Jan. 10th protest. Click here for more details.

Petland protest update: Austin video

January 11, 2009

This is a good video of yesterday’s Petland protest.  Below I’ve included a link to videos uploaded today concerning the protests.  The first one has a spinning camera so watch out.  Gave me a headache!