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Toys not safe enough

November 26, 2008

Last year hazardous toys sent 80,000 children under five to the emergency room.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission has stronger protections in place BUT many of them do not take place until 2009 and a key provision has been suspended indefinitely.  And the biggest shopping season for children’s toys is still to come in 2008

Trouble in Toyland

Poor Grade for U.S. in Premature Births

November 16, 2008
Come on, U.S. lets get better!

Come on, U.S. lets get better!

The March of Dimes is reporting on how well each state is doing towards the Healthy People 2010 goals.  First off, the U.S. receives a “D” overall and some states get “F’s” like Texas.

Here is the chart.