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Stealth advertising still plagues Facebook

October 13, 2009

Last month Facebook dropped its controversial Beacon program which provided third parties certain access to Facebook users’ data.  Last year, several Texas residents sued Blockbuster for sharing information about movies they rented to other Facebook users without obtaining written consent.   Facebook facilitated this by making participation in Beacon, the ad sharing program default to sharing rather than default to private and allowing users to decide themselves whether they wanted to participate.  

Now, even though Facebook dropped the Beacon program, the company is being sued in Texas Federal Court.

Pharm giants shift internet ad tactics

August 8, 2009

“The online marketing wake-up call that the Food and Drug Administration sent in early April to 14 pharmaceutical companies — in the form of letters ordering them to change how they approach search-engine advertising — has altered how, and even whether, pharma companies use Google and Yahoo to reach potential customers. It has also shifted at least some pharma ad dollars over to specialty health portals where ad formats can more readily comply with the FDA’s strictures.”