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SoCal Craiglist apt. scam

March 30, 2009

Someone in Southern California responded to a Craigslist ad for an apartment that turned out to be a fake.  However, this hasn’t stopped this person from getting harassed by fake apartment emails and phone calls.  The pleas have that telltale feel of Internet fakery, full of West African missionary work and mothers with lung cancer.

These things must work…

Article Lots of complaints

November 18, 2008

I’ve been sceptical of the importance of suing a suspect website such as but I have to say, this list of Classmates customer complaints at consumers makes me realize how widespread their sneaky and shoddy practices are.  One as to wonder though, is mistrust, manipulation and deceptive an effective long-range business strategy?

Here is a flavor of the complaints some of which confirm my initial thought which is people need to be held responsible for their own gullibility:

“In fact I got an email telling me 4 people were looking for me. The problem was I had to pay to become a gold member in order to find out who these people were. So, reluctantly I did. I was shocked to find I did not know ANY of the 4 people who had viewed my profile nor did they leave any message on my profile that they were trying to contact me. ”

“I have been using their services for awhile when they were free with limited access to info on people. The bait….then I took the hook and did the trial.”

“I paid them for 3 months of service and it hasn’t been 3 months yet and I can no longer log into their site.
lost money!”

“I payed for a gold membership. And since then i’ve been un-able to login in to my account. And have been unable to connect with anyone at classmates. to resolve my problem.”

Lawsuit Claims a Scam

November 4, 2008
Old flame I long for thee.

Old flame I long for thee.

“Classmates Online defrauds the public by claiming old classmates are trying to get in touch, and selling subscriptions to its service based on this lie, a class action claims in Superior Court ” (Full Courthousenews summary).

I’m sorry but if a website called “” sent me an email saying a high school buddy was trying to get ahold of me, I’d want verifying info.  A name perhaps?  I don’t think the courts should be in the business of shielding people from obvious Internet scams.  Tell me I’m wrong.