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Facebook sued for selling personal info

August 25, 2009

“Facebook invades the privacy of its customers and misappropriates people’s images and personal information for marketing and commercial purposes, a class action claims in Orange County Court, Calif. The class claims Facebook’s “unconscionable” terms and conditions allow it to compile an extraordinary amount of data from users, and permits third parties access to a gold mine of information without users’ knowledge or consent.”


Tagged sued for snagging email contacts

August 16, 2009

“ finds itself in even more legal trouble after two California residents have sued the social network for allegedly tricking them into sharing their email contacts and using those contacts for false advertising. Miriam Slater of Santa Barbara and Sara Golden of Los Angeles who filed the suit are seeking class-action status and are claiming the site violated several US laws like the Stored Communications Act and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.”


Suit: Patient’s genitals exposed to world

December 19, 2008

A surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona snapped a photo of patient’s genitals with his cell phone and showed these photos to others.  Word got out to the press and the Arizona Republic published a story which got circulated as far as and wide as Brazil and Vietnam.

Stories like these legitimize paranoia.

Complaint courtesy Courthousenews