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Latham’s Smart iPhone App

September 26, 2010

A month ago I criticized Morrison & Foerster’s phone app because rather focus on what its clients and prospective clients would want, the law firm focused on delivering a version of its website.  I said then that the critical question for MoFo to answer was,

what pre-existing MoFo electronic content would most benefit MoFos’ clients and prospects?”

It appears that Latham & Watkin’s heard me as they have launched an iPhone app that takes a pre-existing publication “The Book of Jargon” and adapted for the iPhone.  This publication has already proven popular with its audience and now can be accessed at the tap of a fingerprint.  Good going Latham!

More on employer snooping tools

March 25, 2010

Here is an article about tools to monitor employees.  One of the tools in question, Social Sentry, explains one application of the product via an anecdote using Apple’s Ipad.  Given that Apple wanted to keep the name secret, Social Sentry would have allowed the company to filter any use by employees of the term “Ipad” to monitor success (or failure?) of secrecy campaign.