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Juror predicts trial outcome on Facebook

September 5, 2010

Not too smart.

Jurors & social networking, why?

January 16, 2010

Here is another article discussing how jurors are using social networking, Google and other research and communication devices to empower themselves during deliberations.  Its illegal, creates bias and distorts jury verdict and yet the phenomenon is only growing. 

Two questions: what is the motivation?  Do jurors not get that its wrong?  Do they think its okay because they can get away with it?  Is it push back against a system that they no longer trust?  Is it the intoxication of power?

What to do about it?  Do jurors need to be punished more severely to deter them from the activity?  Does the court system need to develop a technology that requires jurors to lock down all their computers and communication devices during the trial and show evidence that they have down so?  Other ideas?

Juror blabs about case on Facebook

March 21, 2009

Eric Wuest, a juror in a high profile corruption trial involving a Pennsylvania state senator revealed on his Facebook profile for people to “”stay tuned for the big announcement on Monday”.   He didn’t think this was a problem because he wasn’t explicit about his role as a juror on this trial.  The judge agreed and decline to have him removed from the jury.

However, it appears that new rules will have to be put in place for jurors and social media.  The ease of publicly posting information about a case and for nearly anyone finding that information puts the jury system at risk.  Trial lawyer and jury consultant Anne Reed warned that “dozens of people a day are sending Tweets or Facebook messages from courthouses all over America”.